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Mission Statement
The Highland School received money to build a new library.

Jesse Loeb was a highly successful Northern Virginia realestate investor. He was quite savvy in predicting the growth value of the properties he bought. Perhaps it was because he had been a real estate columnist for the old Washington Star newspaper.

Mr. and Mrs. Loeb had always been supporters of local charities, but when Jesse passed away in 1990, Rose Loeb decided to more aggressively pursue the couple's dream of seeing their wealth benefit the community. She created the Jesse and Rose Loeb Foundation to ensure that upon her passing, her estate would continue to be utilized for that goal.

In 2001 Rose Loeb passed away at the age of 100. It is interesting to note that her life spanned three different centuries, touching three different times. Now her generosity will touch the lives of generations in centuries to come. The Foundation she created is a lasting tribute to the community she loved.